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#7-Brushed Nickel Wall Hook

One (1) 2" round stainless steel brushed nickel robe/towel hook

Chris Davis
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, Ohio

One (1) 2" round stainless steel brushed nickel robe/towel hook

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Everything must sell from the Polaris location Urban Float - float therapy spa. Dreampod Float Pods, commercial water heaters, security and surveillance systems, iPad mini and POS accessories, bulk luxury spa products, retail signage and displays, bulk cleaners, and other furniture, fixtures, and equipment from the business. Everything was well cared for and including lots of products still in packaging and gently used items with the original packaging saved. 

Shipping is available through Pak Mail. They will pick up from our store location to box/pack/crate any items the buyer purchases. Payment for items will be required before the transfer, and Pak Mail will provide the shipping services to which shipping payment will be made directly to them before shipment.  

Please call the owner directly for rough estimates of the shipping cost. Just provide him with the lot numbers you are interested in:

Keith Hunt

Pak Mail-1985 W Henderson Road

Columbus, OH 43220

Phone: 614-701-6224

United States
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Alternate Pickup Location: Ohio
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